About us

The first dobermann appeared in my house in 1987. It was the brown male. Astor was not a show dog, but was an excellent friend for all the family.

А few years later I owned my second dog Oskar in age of 4 months. It was wonderful brown young male, very strong and manly with difficult and dominant character. During the time he was growing I collided with some troubles of up bringing and seriously started to study methods of training. Thanks to person (personality or individuality) of this dog I got а faithful friend. So we were living together for 13 years in а harmony.

All my free time I devoted to training dogs and to communication with people loving dobermans. All together we created the Latvian Dobermann Club and I have been chosen as the president.

Му kennel "Livonija" was registered in 1998. For breeding I needed а dam, but at that moment I didn' t have а possibility to acquire it. Therefore my first litters "А" and "В" I got from very nice, typical, harmonious brown Golda Vait Leik. Her puppies were of very high quality. Livonijas Baron Aik Iringold from "А" litter and Livonijas Baron Bingo from "В" litter became multichampions.

The second dog that I used in breeding is Huppy Angel Olvi Flora. She is а really superb working dog and always eager to work. Puppies from her first progeny inherited confidence and temperament of their mother. I got there few excellent dogs that repeated their mothers success. They are - perfectly built Cirinus - IPO-I and Cellarius - VDК-I (Litter "C"). The second progeny from Huppy - "F" is also very promising.

"D" litter I got from strong and elegant Verbena Bikastl. Bithces borned in this litter are very strong, but still very famine. They are - brown Diussi Diufal and black Dolce Vita.

"Е" litter I got from multichampion and show winner Arizona Todzi Flai. Borned in this litter took all the best from their beautiful mother and made their first successful steps on the show ring.

All these females live in families of my friends. Thanks to them and their help, а lot of excellent dogs and champions of many countries were borned in kennel  .

But still, I wanted to by my own dam. It was very difficult to find а mother for my pup. I chose Taisija iz Slavnoi Stai borned in very successful Russian litter. This dog conquered me with her charm and marvelous character. Taisija is multichampion and many times winner. She lived in kennel "Piligrimas" in Lithuania. The owner of which is my good friend Viktorija.

I brought а small Paola Penelopa to my place in spring of 2001. She became favorite of all the family, thanks to her friendly and nice character. Step by step Paola became very beautiful and elegant bitch with а nice head and very good body. The results of her first shows showed me that it is marvelous show dog. She became the best black bitch in puppy class at 6 months old age on IDC show in France. It is а beginning of her successful show career. Now Paola is а champion of 6 countries and club winner of Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. I hope that in future with her help I will make my breeding program come true.
Paola, successfully passed tests of IPO-1. And has became the first doberman in history of Latvian Doberman Club, who has been awarded the title of International Champion.

Paola gave us the first litter of nine puppies on 3rd January, 2005. We are happy that most of those puppies got into good and experienced hands. One of her best male puppies - Livonijas Baron Hero Hieronimus, obtained by well-known Russian doberman breeder Mr.E.Rozenberg, in spite of his young age, Hero Hieronimus has already became Youth Champion of Russia, and winner of different shows.

Paola Penelopa Piligrimas was a leading female in breeding of LIVONIJA kennel. She gave us few  litters, and the puppy's quality shows, that Paola was very high class producer. The presence of Di Campovalano's and Norden Stamm's blood in Paola's pedigree guaranties very high quality litters.